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This is for those who grew up with the Saint Seiya anime. Please allow SMAP to sear your eyeballs with these excerpts from their lulzy 1991 Saint Seiya musical :'DDDDDD

oh god what is this I don't even...

(Dakishimetaaaaaaaa~ Kokoro no Kosumoooooooooo~♪♪♪)

...um, anyways.

It's a bit late, but I wanted to thank again all the people who wished me happy birthday on LJ and twitter. I was really touched, especially since I've been MIA on Livejournal for quite a while and I must've missed a lot of birthdays :| Thank you so much, you are the best ;o;♥

RL is being kind of busy, and I also applied for a Monbukagakusho scholarship, which took away a significant amount of my time. The paperwork and medical examinations and THE GODDAMMED RESEARCH PROPOSAL + STUDY PLAN were a fucking nightmare, and of course I finished only at the last minute x_x Now I'm sitting here waiting to be rejected, but at least I can say that when I'll apply again next year I'll know what to expect and I'll be better prepared XD

Unrelated to rl stuff (but related to the fact that I have no actual *life*), I made the fatal mistake of creating a tumblr account. DOOM D8
Cannot resist the pretty pictures, especially if they are fanarts and come equipped with pixiv links x__x
And no, I'm not going to follow any of you. Tumblr is only for my guilty pleasures like Jongsuk and Pokemon B&W slash and cupcakes (... how am I 25 /o\), so I don't want to subject you guys to that xD

1. Reply to this post and I'll assign you a letter.
2. List (and link to) 6 10 songs you love that begin with that letter.
3. Post them to your journal with these instructions.

Ellen gave me the letter "G".

1. Gente - Laura Pausini

Embedded because I'm in love with this particular performance XD My problem with Laura is that, while she is absolutely gorgeous and has a great voice, half of her songs are boring, generic love songs that I can't stand =__= "Gente", on the on the other hand, is perfect ♥ (and it sounds even better when she sings it live).

2. Good-bye - A.Tract
A.Tract is some obscure korean group who released a mini album back in... 2009, I think? And then disappeared off the face of Earth. Which sucks, because they are AMAZING. To make a comparison, they sound a bit like oldschool TRAX, and I'm absolutely in love with the four (;__;) songs they released :|♥

3. Good Day & Goodbye - Maya
By now even rocks know this, but let me say it one more time: I fucking love this woman and her voice is incredible and she's flawless perfect amazing and I would marry her in a heartbeat etc etc etc. *____*
I had originally picked another song, but I can't find it uploaded anywhere :<

4. Gara Gara GO! - Big Bang
The reason why I got into Big Bang in the first place. Also the reason why I have a huge thing for military jackets +_+

5. GO★ - Inoue Joe
This guy is my crack ♥ He's the king of happy, upbeat rock songs and I just can't help but grinning like an idiot whenever I listen to his music xD

6. Gossip Boy - Younha
My *other* favourite Korean female singer :3

7. Gocce di Memoria - Giorgia
Probably one of the saddest, most gorgeous songs I know ;_;♥ It was used in the soundtrack of an equally beautiful movie (which I originally went to see /just/ because this song was in it, but then I ended up loving it as well xD)

One of the first KAT-TUN songs I heard, and still one of my favourites. Whenever I hear it I feel the urge of jumping up and start singing and dancing along \*o*/

9. Good Morning Baltimore - Hairspray
Oh, Tracy. I love you so much 8|♥

10. Gin no Hashi - FictionJunction WAKANA
As your resident Kajiura-whore, I couldn't NOT pick one of her songs. This live version is glorious

Bonus song: Glaring Dream. I love the bittersweet feeling this song always gives me ._. and Gravitation will always have a special place in my little fangirl heart

btw, is anyone else watching Tiger&Bunny? I have a desperate need to fangirl with someone x_x
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